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There are full-timers who have sold everything and live in their motor coach 365 and most-timers who live and travel six months each year. Traveling across America as a full-timer or most-timer has become quite the rage, especially among baby boomers who want the best of the best and are willing to pay for it.

Premium RV Resorts and RV Parks are their preference however, that could change depending on their circumstances.

Premium RV Resorts are the deluxe option. They are high-end RV Resorts that include all the bells and whistles and can accommodate the biggest of big RV’s. They have clubhouses, fitness centers, convenience stores, cafes, deluxe patio sites, swimming pools, paved roads, over the top bathhouses, special events, entertainment, and more. You typically find these Premium RV Resorts in snowbird locations like Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California. They are designed for the long term and seasonal guest and warrant a higher price per site fee.

Premium RV Parks are just a little step down from the Resort option. They offer some of the amenities that the RV Resorts have, but with a lower price per site fee. They cater to the long-term and seasonal guests as well as the overnight guest.

The price of Premium RV Resorts and RV Parks can differ from the standard Campground due in large to their proximity to nearby attractions such as National Parks, lakes, oceans, amusement parks, Disney, and Vegas.

If you are considering investing your hard-earned money into a Premium RV Resort or RV Park you’ve come to the right place. RV Parks and RV Resorts listed on this site are priced at 2 Million and above.