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More and more people are bailing out of their corporate jobs, selling their home and everything else they own and making the decision to buy this niche type of investment, for many different reasons, but mostly because they just want to be their own boss and enjoy a unique type of lifestyle.

Location, location, location… It’s the most important factor.

Since location is tied to demand, it determines the initial cost of the investment and the profit when you are ready to sell it. Buying a Premier RV Park, RV Resort or Campground in Texas, Arizona or Florida will likely be a much different price and rate of return when compared to shorter season parks in Wisconsin, New York, or Indiana.

There are several options available to minimize your tax liability when purchasing a Campground, RV Resort or RV Park and it is prudent to research 1031 Exchanges and ROBS / 401K Rollovers.

Reap the rewards of not only owning an investment that should increase in value over time but serves as an amazing lifestyle that a corporate job can’t offer you.

Remember, while they say the Baby Boomers are wealthy beyond wealthy, the Millennials are coming! More than one million households started camping last year and the majority were Millennials. This is a fast-growing clientele and they made up the bulk of campers in 2018.

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We hope you enjoy your peek inside the RV Parks and Campgrounds for sale. To get started online, please use the map and controls below. Choose to search by region using the drop down controls below the map. The map is divided into clickable regions, representing Northwest (yellow), Midwest (green), Northeast (orange), Southwest (blue), and Southeast (tan).

Specific locations are only given via phone conversation and after submitting our online Confidentiality Agreement. So easy – call 616-532-4835.

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